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How Frequently Should You Consult a Personal Trainer?

Have you ever set a goal to become fitter and healthier? That’s your aim for this year! Sadly, according to 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by the second week of February. This is why local gyms see a surge of new members every January, only to return to their usual quiet state just a month or two later.
The fact is, life is demanding and hectic. With numerous other obligations on your plate, it’s easy for your commitment to significant lifestyle changes to wane. You may contemplate working with a personal training Toronto to help you stay on course and wonder if it’s worthwhile. A dedicated personal trainer can assist you in achieving your health and fitness goals more efficiently, safely, and swiftly, enabling you to allocate more time to what truly matters in your life. But how frequently should you engage with a personal trainer to witness tangible results?
The Optimal Frequency: The answer is that it varies! I understand this might be somewhat disappointing, so let me clarify. When you engage an in-person or online personal trainer, meeting with them at least once a week and, more likely, several times a week is advisable. These sessions should involve workouts and discussions about proper form and ways to modify exercises. Additionally, they are an opportunity for you and your trainer to understand the type of accountability and support that best suits your needs.

Why Is Exercising Alone So Challenging?

Our contemporary sedentary lifestyles could be more conducive to good health. Many Americans spend most of their day sitting at work, in their vehicles, during meals, or while engaging in leisure activities like watching TV, reading, or scrolling through their phones. In reality, one in four Americans sits for over 8 hours daily!
As per Newton’s First Law of Motion, an object at rest remains at rest unless acted upon by an external force.
Considering the extensive periods of inactivity, it’s no wonder we struggle to find the motivation to get up and move. This is where a personal trainer becomes indispensable. Implementing substantial lifestyle changes to become fit and healthy can be intimidating. Research indicates that social support, encouragement, and accountability significantly enhance the likelihood of adhering to a fitness plan and accomplishing your health objectives.

The Significance of a Personal Trainer

You may have attempted free workout videos on YouTube, only to be disappointed by the lack of results. Or you might have invested in various fitness apps with minimal success. Perhaps you’ve attempted to adhere to a gym schedule but felt overwhelmed or intimidated when navigating a facility without a structured plan or guidance. The abundance of equipment can be bewildering! If this scenario resonates with you, collaborating with a personal trainer represents a more time-efficient and cost-effective solution.

How Often Should You Engage a Personal Trainer?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to achieve fitness by working out for 30 minutes a few times a week? The frequency with which you should consult a personal trainer hinges on your individual goals and current state of health and fitness.
I consulted a certified personal trainer who trains clients for Kickoff, to obtain insights into the ideal time to spend with a personal trainer. Suggests that individuals new to fitness or requiring more guidance and accountability should meet with a personal trainer two to three times a week while establishing a routine.
When inquiring if meeting once a week would suffice, Trainer pointed out that this approach is typically reserved for individuals who have already established consistent exercise habits. She emphasized that meeting only once a week would make it considerably more challenging to experiment with different approaches to discover what works best for each individual.

The Importance of Consistency

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Simply, achieving your goals as swiftly as desired necessitates more than just a 30-minute weekly session. However, rest assured that you will likely observe the results sooner than you might anticipate.
Trainer shared, “I usually allocate about an hour to the actual workouts three times a week, as this is the most effective way to cultivate an exercise routine and start witnessing results. This particularly applies to clients engaged in live training sessions with me.”
In addition to guiding clients through live online workouts, Trainer dedicates her mornings to maintaining contact through text or email, furnishing meal plans, and sharing at-home activities that clients can perform between sessions to sustain their momentum. Her mission is to ensure that clients never feel unsupported at any point during their fitness journeys.

When Will You Begin to Notice Results?

As expected, it will take at least several weeks of consistent effort before you begin to observe the results, whe ther you opt for a personal trainer or proceed independently. Working with a trainer will push you harder than you would make yourself, ensuring steady progress without risking injuries.

The Impact of a Trainer

To illustrate how a personal trainer can expedite your progress, Trainer explained, “When you’re exercising on your own, you might use lighter weights when you could lift heavier ones. Your form may deteriorate when exercises become challenging. A prime example is biceps curls; it’s tempting to swing the weights when fatigued. However, with a trainer present, they will closely monitor your technique, correct any flaws, and gently push you out of your comfort zone, ensuring constant progress. This is likely to lead to faster results.”

What to Anticipate From Your Trainer

If you are new to this journey, it’s essential to take the necessary steps to select the right personal trainer. Trainer recommends interviewing multiple trainers to learn more about their qualifications, personality, and training style. Don’t hesitate to ask questions; experienced trainers acknowledge this is a crucial part of the process. If, at any point, you feel that your connection with your trainer isn’t ideal, don’t hesitate to seek a new one.
Consistent one-on-one interactions with a dedicated personal trainer will streamline your progress with customized workouts and nutrition plans tailored to your specific needs. Your trainer will consider your fitness level, ultimate goals, availability, and equipment. If you’re frustrated by a lack of progress, schedule a free consultation with a personal trainer who can design a personalized training program to help you achieve your fitness aspirations.


A personal trainer can be your guiding beacon in your journey towards improved health and fitness. Remember that it’s not only about the frequency of your sessions but also the unwavering dedication and personalized support they offer, which can make a significant difference in realizing your fitness objectives. So, take that initial step, invest in yourself, and let a personal trainer assist you in transforming your life.